"My husband and I needed to store 3 of our vehicles for 3 years due to an overseas work assignment. We found several car storage facilities on the internet and followed up with each of them to inquire about their services, etc.  Leesburg Car Storage, owned and operated by Mike Stefanick provided the most assurances related to the care and maintenance of our vehicles.  In addition, he also presented with an extremely reasonable price for an indoor car storage storage facility. Mike Stefanick, the owner, was always very responsive to any inquires we made while our cars were in storage. When we returned after 3 years we found our vehicles to be in the same state we had originally stored them. All 3 vehicles ran beautifully, without any issues, mechanical or otherwise. Mike demonstrated the highest degree of care and concern for our cars during and after our use of his storage facility, which included him even following up with us several weeks after our picking up our cars to ask how the vehicles were operating. I would recommend Leesburg Car Storage without question or hesitation. This has been one of the best experiences that my family has had with a business of any kind, and, without a doubt, the best car storage facility we have ever used. I cannot say enough of this awesome experience!! "        

—Nina and Peter       

I stored my car with Mike Stefanick for a little over 3 years and was very pleased by the way he took care of it. When I recently returned from an overseas assignment and picked up the car it was in perfect condition. The tires, the battery and everything else worked perfectly. When I first dropped it off Mike gave me a tour of his storage facility and explained how he took care of the cars. Everything appeared to be first rate and that turned out to be true. The car had belonged to my mother so it had a lot of sentimental value and I have no regrets that I stored it at Mike's facilities. It is not easy to find a car storage facility so close to Washington D. C. and I highly recommend it.              

—Henry,  September 2015 Department of State. 

We stored our car with Mike for about a year and a half while overseas. From time to time we made trips back to the area and used our car. Each time it was up and running and in good shape. Mike was always quick to help with arrangements for getting our car out to use, sometimes in short order. He is very honest and easy going, took great care of our car, offers very reasonable prices, and is conveniently located near Dulles International Airport. We highly recommend storing your vehicle with Mike!        

— Joan, Neil, Miranda

Thank You for a good job in taking care of my car over the past four and a half years.  Every time I have returned to the United States I was able to access the car without much difficulty and always found the car in good condition.

Thanks for a job well done.          

—Victor M.

It was wonderful knowing my car and possessions inside were in good hands while I was in Africa. I go each year for about 6 months and I will surely use Mike’s service again. Thank you, Mike!!!        

—Sara W.

Mike is the best! Because of a lack of garage space in Old Town, for many years I stored 2 classic cars with Mike on a seasonal rotation—my 1971 Mustang convertible stored in the winter and my 1985 BMW 635Csi stored in the summer. Mike handled my babies gently, used trickle chargers to see that their batteries never went dead, and was very accommodating of my schedule in arranging my semi-annual swap on one car in and the other car out. You could not do better for storage in the DC Metro or Northern Virginia area than using Mike!          

—Will E. 

Mike, thank you for taking such nice care of our Land Rover.         

—Liz & Paul W.

I have been using Leesburg Car Storage since 2010, which is owned and operated by Mike Stefanick. I came across this facility when I was looking for a car storage facility to store my two vehicles when I was assigned in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia from 2010-2013. Although I found several car storage facilities closer to where I live in Alexandria, VA, those facilities did not provide the services that I needed when I personally inquired about it. I decided to use Leesburg Car Storage even though it’s quite far from Alexandria after I spoke with the owner, Mike Stefanick. He told me that he will keep the car clean and would ensure that the battery is charged and working all the time. Mike is extremely flexible. When I am in the U.S. for a vacation, I would just send him an email a week in advance and would tell him that I needed the car on a particular date and the car would be ready for me to pick-up. The cars were always in the same condition I had originally stored them. I continued to use Mike’s facility during my follow-on overseas assignments until my return in the U.S. in August 2016. The storage fee is very reasonable for an indoor car storage facility. I highly recommend this facility to anyone looking for a car storage facility. I know I will use it again should I decide to go back overseas. 
—Gil & Becky S.