Long Term Indoor Vehicle Storage Services Leesburg, Virginia

A corvette parked in our largest building in Leesburg Virginia in Loudoun County Car Storage.

Long-Term Outdoor Car Storage Rate
We charge 75.00 per month for outdoor car storage​

Trailer Storage

  • We store trailers depending on available space. Please call for more details. 
  • We  do charge extra per month for larger vehicles like pick-up trucks and utility vans
  • We have NO administrative fees or other charges of any kind

Long-Term Indoor Car Storage Rate

We charge 120.00 per month for indoor car storage.​
Additional Services

  • We run your car once a month free of charge
  • We keep a trickle charger on your battery full time free of charge
  • We add fuel stabilizer to your vehicle free of charge 

Storage Minimum

  • ​We have  a 4-month minimum charge